Dog tethers – works on any door

Chew proof, door friendly tie down for your dog or puppy. One of the best training tools! 

Safely tie your dog up in any room in your house – any where you have a door. Let them stay close to you but out of trouble.

 As part of your training program, you’ll want to teach your dog to hang out near you without being disruptive. This is often hard to do when you are busy cooking dinner or working. This chew proof, door friendly tie down will help you keep your dog close while keeping him or her out of trouble! Slip the tether under any door for an instant chew proof tethering spot. You can also loop it around the foot of a bed or the leg of a chair. 

They can chew on the cord or the pvc piece without damaging it. (Chewing on the PVC piece will leave tooth marks.)

Do not used unsupervised! This is a tool meant to be used when you are in the same room as your dog and paying attention, never leave your dog tied up unsupervised.